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Connie S.

Natrona Heights, PA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Toxicology Nurse
  • Degree


I became a nurse because I enjoy being with people and find helping them very rewarding. I find the most satisfying part of my career will always be the patient interaction; it is different than any other profession, much more of a personal touch. Before coming to work in a hospital environment, I spent a few years as a visiting nurse. It is interesting to care for someone in their home, to see how your nursing care and health teaching impact their daily life. I also was a part of a hospice team. The images of those times I shared with patients, families, and hospice nurses with their knowledge, skill, and great heart, will always stand out in my mind. Being a nurse means playing a part in giving care to patients, easing fears, educating patients and families, and making the hospital experience satisfying. Nursing, with all of its current difficulties, is still a great profession. I think we don't become nurses by accident. We are people who by nature find satisfaction in helping others. Our jobs require increasing technical skill and even greater people skills. Nursing, done well, satisfies both patient and nurse.

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