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Craig Z.

Baltimore, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Nurse Practitioner
  • Degree

  • Group

    Student, Men in Nursing

I already had a degree in biology, but while I was training to be an EMT I learned about nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners have a medical skill set that can be used anywhere. I was intrigued by the possibilities nursing offered me so I enrolled in an accelerated nursing program, which allows students with bachelor's degrees to earn a bachelor's of science in nursing in 13 months. The pace was fast, but I loved it. I am now a registered nurse and I am on my way to a master's degree as an adult community-care nurse practitioner. While nursing is still a predominantly female career field, I have always felt accepted. Nursing school was a great experience. We were a diverse group, and we bonded into one big family, supporting each other in every way we could. I don't see myself as a male nurse; I am just a nurse who happens to be male. I take every opportunity I can to speak to kids about nursing. I want to break the old stereotype that all nurses are female. I tell kids that men can be nurses too and that nursing is really exciting. I tell them about all the high tech equipment I get to work with and that my opinions and assessments really matter to the doctor. I don't worry when my peers speak of job lay-offs and fears about job security. I know that with my nursing degree I can go anywhere and have a job, guaranteed. Nursing will allow me to pursue any dream I want. I can live anywhere in the world and do any number of things. Everything is open to me.

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