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Diane D.

Somers Point, NJ

Personal Information

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I guess you could say it started with my mom. When I was about 15, she decided to look for a full-tome job as a nurse, and she ended up at Meadowview Nursing Home. She was a new person! She had the freedom of spending her money on whatever she chose, and the feeling of being needed and important in her life. Nursing gave that feeling to my mom, and that's what this field can bring to anyone out there searching for a little validity in his or her life. After I finished high school, I was faced with choosing a career. I knew I was interested in all kinds of things, but nothing really stood out for me. That's when my mother suggested maybe I would enjoy nursing as a career. I always enjoyed helping others, so I decided nursing could be a stepping stone for me into the medical field. After college, my first job happened to be at the same hospital I was born in 22 years earlier, Shore Memorial. I soon became proficient in my job, but I wanted something more. That's when I noticed a job opening to be a specialty nurse in the Operating Room. After a year-and-a-half for medical/surgical training, I moved on to become a Surgical Nurse, and found I loved the fast pace and family atmosphere. Nursing is a challenging career with many avenues to travel. Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, but for those that may want a little more than a paycheck from their job, nursing can be the answer.

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