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Erika M.

Salt Lake City, UT

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Trauma Nurse
  • Degree


I went into nursing because of the many benefits the field has to offer. I enjoy having the flexibility in my schedule, being able to face new and different challenges every time I go to work, and being `in demand' all over the country. The job security can't be beat -- I know that wherever I choose to live, good nurses will always be in demand. In fact, I had many job offers before I even graduated! I practice in two areas -- the emergency room and shock trauma ICU -- because I thoroughly enjoy learning how to stabilize the critically ill and work under pressure. It's really intense at times. Also, in these two practice areas, I think I've been able to work with some of the very best nurses and doctors in the country. Looking ahead, I'd like to help nurses network among themselves to achieve better `ownership' of their profession. I'd like to see the nursing profession fully recognized and respected for the potent and critical workforce that it is. Nursing school was difficult at times, but it wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be. Often times the prerequisite course work was more difficult than my nursing classes. Nonetheless, my program provided me with a solid foundation on which to build my career.

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