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Esmeralda L.

Baltimore, MD

Personal Information

  • Degree


Nursing wasn't my first career choice, but it was definitely my best. I became bored and found myself unfulfilled in my previous job and began volunteering in a hospital in my spare time. I really enjoyed the work, and so I decided to explore the profession of nursing. I attended an open house at Johns Hopkins, where I liked what I saw and heard, so I decided to go for it. I had no idea how exciting nursing would be. Patient conditions can change in a heartbeat -- literally -- so I have to be "on my toes" and aware of what is happening with my patients at all times. There are so many different avenues I can take with my degree -- it's a great feeling knowing that my skills are in demand all over the country. Not only can I be an RN in a hospital but I can also go into administration, research, or teaching. Johns Hopkins is very flexible with nurses who want to pursue their master's degrees. We are encouraged to challenge ourselves and take on as much responsibility as we can handle.

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