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Galila H.

Fairfax, VA

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I decided to attend nursing school because it's a gateway to so many possibilities within a single career. I was interested in both healthcare and social work, and decided on nursing because it offers both. Plus, there are lots of combined-degree programs out there that provide even more opportunities. For example, you can get a combined degree in nursing and anthropology, go to underdeveloped countries, and use your skills to help the people in need there. At nursing school, the workload is sizeable -- but so is the gratification. One of the best moments I've had in nursing school was watching babies being born in the OB unit. It's really amazing. Another benefit I didn't expect from nursing school is that it has allowed me to improve my communications and interpersonal skills. I've become more culturally aware and developed the ability to work with people from very different backgrounds. There's a great demand for nurses, and not just in hospitals. You'd be surprised at how many medical institutions offer huge scholarships or signing bonuses in exchange for you working there for a reasonable amount of time, like two years. The situation is not so much you looking for a job after nursing school, but them looking for you.

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