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Jacquelyn L.

Detroit, MI

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Pediatric Nurse
  • Degree


As a child I was diagnosed with cancer and was treated at the University of Michigan Hospital. The nurses not only provided me with excellent medical care, they also addressed the psychological and emotional aspects of my condition. For example, they contacted my first grade teacher to ensure that my education was not disrupted. They also helped me with my school assignments, and I credit them for helping me graduate as valedictorian of my elementary, middle, and high schools. They were really amazing, and the whole experience inspired me to become a nurse myself. I remember thinking, `If I had a job where I could make such a difference in people's lives, I would be happy." There are a lot of practical benefits of becoming a nurse too. Nurses can pretty much set their own schedules and allow time for growth in education and time for family while working full time. And with a degree in nursing you can relocate to any state and continue to practice -- there's just no other job like it. Nursing provides many opportunities. There is very high demand for nurses in the following areas: bedside care, public health, traveling, research, care management, corporate and case management with HMO's and other health care providers. A nursing degree provides a lot of job security. Even in the wake of a national recession, the demand for nurses continues to be high and many companies offer incentives such as signing bonuses to attract nurses. It's a great position to be in.

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