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Jalil B.

Fairfax, VA

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    Student, Men in Nursing

My `experience' with nursing began well before I was even born. In Morocco, where I grew up, doctors were so scarce and expensive that working families couldn't afford them. When my mother was eight years old, she suffered a serious eye injury, and if it hadn't been for the nurses who tended to her, she would have gone blind. Many years later, I came to the United States with my heart set on medical school. Instead, thanks to a friend who provided me insights into the field of nursing, I ended up here at nursing school. In nursing, there's as much caring as curing, and caring is what I value the most. Nursing school is much more than what I expected. You learn so much, so quickly, rotating between classrooms, labs, and hospitals. It challenges me physically and intellectually. I'm studying for a BSN, which opens the door to nurse practitioner, community counselor, disease counselor, educator, administrator, and lots more. I want to work in a challenging environment like a cardiac intensive care unit. Although the vast majority of nurses are women, there are more and more men like me embracing the profession because it is challenging, fulfilling, and financially rewarding. Believe it or not, medical institutions start wooing you the first day you enter nursing school!

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