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Jessica H.

Syracuse, NY

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I love nursing because I feel I will never run out of options! Even while still in school, I have been able to work many different types of clinical rotations, including one with a community outreach program and another helping to deliver babies. My desire to be a nurse began during an internship at a hospital. Initially, I wanted to go to medical school, but seeing first-hand how nurses enjoyed the majority of the interaction with patients, I changed my mind. Nursing is even better than I expected. Through my work, the conviction that this is my calling in life becomes stronger and stronger. I hope to become a family nurse practitioner in a community-based setting after graduation. And with the present nursing shortage, I am confident I can get a job anywhere. Of course, nurses come in all shapes and sizes, and different people choose different specialties. The one goal we all share, though, is helping people. In nursing school this gives us a great sense of camaraderie, of shared purpose. Nursing definitely isn't just a career for women; there are at least ten guys in my nursing class. I think more and more men are going to get involved in this profession as they start to realize what a great job it is

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