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Joy P.

Los Angeles, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Emergency Nurse
  • Degree


When I'm asked what kind of a nurse are you? I reply, "an Emergency Room Nurse," and I've had patients that tell me that it seems tough or hard. The process of my nursing career may seem overwhelming to many because after high school, I became a certified nursing assistant, then pursued my career in licensed vocational nurse, and then became a registered nurse. I am truly blessed. The other day I received recognition for my 10 years of service at the hospital where I work. I have been through the hardships and trials of patient care and it has given me the greatest strength, patience, and most of all perseverance. It is the greatest feeling when a nurse saves lives. Also a patient thanking you, shaking your hand, a hug, or writing you a thank you note makes me feel that they appreciate me and that I've done the best I can. I have been given the gift of precepting students in the emergency room and it just gave me more respect for nursing. My way of giving back and paying it forward is to teach nursing students. I enjoy helping them to be effective nurses and to have passion for their career. I am happy most of all that I have chosen nursing as a career because I love the constant learning environment.

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