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Kathleen H.

Woonsocket, RI

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Toxicology Nurse
  • Degree


Most people don't realize that nurses administer two-thirds of anesthesia and that anesthesia is a very interesting career path that carries with it a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. I'm an Assistant Chief Nurse Anesthetist and that's why I chose my field -- I wanted a high level of independence in my job and responsibility for my patient care, and anesthesiology was the route for me. No two days are alike for me. Anesthesia must be tailored to each patient, so I really have to know my patients and their conditions. My favorite part of anesthesia is working in obstetrics, where I am responsible for alleviating pain during labor. Like most all nurses, my job security is incredible -- not only because of the demand for good nurses, but also because I have my master's degree and I know I'm at the top of my field. When I started college I was a physical education major. During my freshman year I began working part-time in a nursing home and loved it. It was very gratifying taking care of the elderly and it was then that I realized my true calling was to be a nurse. There is nothing quite like it.

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