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Kortney B.

South Bend, IN

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Degree


Growing up the way I did made it very difficult to imagine that I could aspire to be anything let alone be a nurse. Through many trials and tribulations I graduated in 2009 with my LPN. I went on to work in various sections of the nursing profession but continually found myself coming back to the social care aspect of nursing. Beyond the medical. I went on to get a degree in Human Services to pair with my LPN. This has given me unique insight on how to better care for my patients. I may treat them medically but I also am continually looking at social impacts that can affect their health. I have learned that to be a nurse is blood, sweat, and tears. It is not all glamour like portrayed in the media. Through all of this though I am and always will be a nurse. No matter where the wind may take me.

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