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    Critical Care Nurse
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  • Group

    Men in Nursing

I have been a nurse for 15 years, and the bottom line is that I can truly say nursing has been good for me, and good to me. It has provided me with good wages and the type of job security that very few fields can offer today. And the opportunities to advance or change jobs are so many that they are hard to count. My area of work is in intensive care, specifically caring for patients after open heart surgery. It is challenging and very rewarding to be able to help patients and family through one of the toughest times in their lives. I have also worked on general med-surg. floors, neuro surg., and orthopoedic floors. I also believe that the profession of nursing is in great need of more men to enter the field. With the nursing shortage, and better pay rates, I think that nursing is a good choice for men thinking about entering the field of nursing. But for me personally, nursing provides me a chance to give back to those less fortunate. It allows me to use my nursing skills in the missions of third world countries, which for me is the ultimate gratification.

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