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Michele A.

San Antonio, TX

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Critical Care Nurse
  • Degree


What does it take to be a nurse? It comes down to valuing other people. If you have the passion and the will to care for others as a nurse you can work hard and be promoted to greater opportunities. When I became a nurse I didn't expect all the opportunities I would have to lead. In the ICU, I have the autonomy and responsibility to deliver patient care to a population where the disease processes are more extensive. I also work closely and have developed professional relationships with physicians. As a nurse, I am responsible for my patients, my staff and myself. I need to have the knowledge, competence and personnel management skills to deliver the best patient care. In addition to working as a nurse in the ICU, I also have the opportunity to mentor and teach other nurses in one of the short clinical courses in leadership development. I really enjoy it. I see myself continuing my education in the future and getting a masters in business administration and a masters of science in nursing, with a focus in education.

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