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Pat L.

Rogue River, OR

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Emergency Nurse
  • Degree


When two of my best friends went off to college and told me about nursing school, I couldn't wait to do the same thing. My 34-year career has offered financial security, diversity, mobility, and many educational opportunities. Presently, I work in Diabetes Education and Emergency Nursing. Past and present jobs include Home Health/Hospice, Intensive and Coronary Care, and everyone's dream, Cruise Ship Nursing. The variety of working shifts is growing in hospitals every day. I work on-call, meaning I make my own schedule. How many jobs offer that kind of freedom? Why be a nurse? "It is an honorable profession." The music in nursing is composed of the individuals and families whose lives we touch, along with the looks of gratitude and relief we so often see, and, occasionally, a thank-you card to the ER staff or from an airline crew you helped at 30,000 ft. It is my hope that the potential nurses visiting this web site will join us for an adventure into a career that is often exciting and always rewarding.

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