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Patricia G.

Somers Point, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Informatics Nurse
  • Degree


My first thought of becoming a nurse was at the age of 12. While babysitting my younger brothers and sisters, one of my sisters slammed a door on her wrist and suffered a deep cut. I immediately applied first aid techniques I had recently learned in school, and when my sister returned from the ER, my mother told me that the doctor who sutured her wrist wanted to know who did the initial care, saying that the glass was close to an artery and could have been fatal. A few years later, my father was in an auto accident and spent two weeks in ICU. It was a very difficult time for all of us, but the worst part was not being allowed to see my dad because of the rules. He died two weeks post trauma, and I never got to say goodbye. That is when I first understood how important it is to treat and care for the families, as well as the patient. Since getting my nursing degree in 1976, I've worked in many areas, from the ER to the ICU. This year, I became a Certified Professional Coder, which allows me to work closely with registration and insurance verification to ensure that our patients and their families are clinically and financially prepared for surgery. Nursing continues to offer more avenues to explore than any other profession. It is truly about caring hearts in action.

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