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Paula P.

Manhattan Beach, CA

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    Nursing Writer, Author, or Historian
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I am a Registered Nurse. I am also a television producer (credits include the documentary, "The Nursing Shortage: A Crisis in American Healthcare" (2003), and a weekly local cable television show), and the author of two books, including a healthcare book entitled, "Your Family Health History." I speak about, and conduct workshops on, family health history, the nursing shortage, and other health industry topics. I'm a healthcare consultant with 30 years of experience, derived from working a staff nurse in the operating room to being vice president of one the largest Medicaid HMOs in the country. Nursing has opened many doors for me as my career has gone down many unique and exciting paths. At each turn, from staff nursing to administration, and within professional organizations and into the media, I find I can continue to use my nursing philosophy to help people in unexpected ways. The key value I would pass on to younger nurses or nurses on the brink of change would be: Take the heart of a nurse into whatever position you strive for. And then, as a wise old nurse once told me, one pair of hands becomes one hundred, five hundred, one thousand--and look how many people you can help. We need to celebrate the heart of a nurse, as it is a rare and precious thing indeed.

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