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Rajashree K.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

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Nursing is more difficult -- but also more rewarding -- than I ever expected. The nurse is the communicator between social workers, doctors and patients. We learn how to have the best bedside manner and deal with an individual patient's family and culture. We are the ones who advocate for the patients' best interests. I always knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field but didn't know exactly how to pursue that dream. During an internship in a hospital, I realized that nursing would be perfect for me. With nursing I could practice in all sorts of settings and have the opportunity to give patients direct care and treatment. I like how all my classmates have the same underlying drive to help people. We may have different interests and specialties, but that common thread ties us all together. The job security as a nurse is unbelievable. When I go to career fairs, people from all sorts of industries are begging me to explore their options! There are endless possibilities with nursing. The more you work the more you realize all the avenues you can explore. I probably can't even fathom all the possibilities that are in store for me with my nursing degree. I wish people knew more about what nurses do and how great the field is. In high school, I wasn't even aware of all the advantages of being a nurse. I hope students become more educated about the profession earlier on in their education.

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