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Raymund R.

Gainsville, FL

Personal Information

  • Degree


I became a nurse because I wanted to work in a hospital setting and have some growth in the health care industry. I have worked in the medical-surgical ward and the telemetry ward for 10 years. Three years ago, I opened up my own recruitment company, Nurses to USA, Inc., and now 16 hospital clients have recruited nurses with us in the Philippines. What I like about nursing is that you can definitely be assured of growth in any direction that you would like in the healthcare field. Our company has recruited over 600 nurses in the last three years, and 200 nurses have arrived in the last year-and-a-half. I personally would like to motivate high school students to look into nursing, as they will never regret being one. It is a dynamic type of profession that will be very fulfilling for the rest of their lives. A nurse must have a heart to take care of other people. More power to all the nurses in the US!

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