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Reflecting back on my Nursing school graduation in 1978 I have had a wonderful and diverse career that keeps on going! Early on I realized that nursing education was my passion and each job I have held has included teaching and education. As a staff nurse I was always chosen as a preceptor for new nurses. I have held clinical educator positions in two hospitals and have oriented and trained many new graduates. After leaving the hospital I worked in an endocrinology office. As a Certified Diabetes Educator I carried my own patient load working closely with patients and families to promote quality of life through control of their disease. I then moved on to become Associate Director of Continuing Education for a large east coast medical system and designed continuing education activities for physicians, nurses and other healthcare disciplines. In 2005 I returned to school to obtain my Master of Nursing Degree and am currently teaching nursing students at an Arizona community college. I feel that I have a gift for teaching that is enhanced by my life experiences as a nurse. It is my pleasure to give back to my profession as I educate the nurses of our future so that they too can make their own mark on our profession.

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