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Rose C.

Los Angeles, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Case Management Nurse
  • Degree


My desire to become a nurse began when I was a young girl. I remember being cared for by compassionate nurses every time I went for my Pediatrician appointments. I was always fascinated by how nurses take care of people, communicate with patients and no matter how busy they got, they still managed to have a smile on their face. Little did I know that this profession would be my calling.

I have practiced as a Registered Nurse in different countries and can honestly say that nurses are still the most trusted profession wherever you go. I have been an RN in multiple settings – Medical Surgical, Psychiatric, Neurosurgery, Dental Clinic, Private Duty, Recovery, PACU, Correctional, and I am now currently working as an RN Care Manager in a Primary Care Clinic.

I believe nursing has now reached its full potential wherein more and more nursing roles are being developed. I thought before that nursing was confined to the bedside, but working in different settings and different countries with diverse backgrounds made me realize that nurses can take various roles and still able to help patients the best way possible.

Being an RN has made me realize my dream of helping others. I’m able to keep my perspective through continuing my education and advance my profession as I continue to strive for excellence in patient care.

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