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Shazia L.

Fort Worth, TX

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    School Nurse
  • Degree


I currently work as the primary school nurse at an elementary school. I provide nursing care for over 600 students and staff members at my school. As the only medical professional in my building and sometimes the only healthcare provider that my patients ever see, it is crucial that I consistently use my nursing assessment and critical thinking skills to make the best decisions for my patients. Prior to becoming a school nurse I worked in a pediatric emergency department and in a pediatric long term care facility. Working as a school nurse, I provide both of those services to my patients. I not only provide emergency care to students and staff that become ill or injured at school, but I also provide nursing care and case management for children with chronic illness. I never imagined the opportunities that school nursing would bring. I chose a career in nursing because I knew that my opportunities for growth and experience would be endless. I have many roles and responsibilities as a school nurse. Among other things, I am a healthcare provider, health educator, and patient advocate. I have learned many things in my role as a school nurse and I will continue to learn and grow as a registered nurse throughout my nursing career.

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