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Terry M.

Titusville, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Psychiatric Nurse
  • Degree


I wanted to be a nurse since I was seven years old. I had my own first aid kit to practice with my relatives. It was a shoebox with candy medicine, first-aid tape, cling-wrap, and a plastic stethoscope. I had visions of sparkling clean hospitals in which I'd bring a smile to the face of sick people and interact intimately with my co-workers. I am sure these images were created from watching "General Hospital" on television with my Mother. My career has taken me down many wonderful roads. After completing my RN program, I worked in in-patient adult psychiatry to learn more about adults with mental illness. I also did a year of medical pediatric that included neonatal care and pediatric burn unit care. While my children were young, I worked perdium on the Maternal-Child Health units including Eating Disorders. When I returned to work fulltime, I worked on an Interdisciplinary Team for developmentally disabled children. After 15 years of nursing, I took a job with a pharmaceutical company. They valued the communication skills nurses have and their comfort level with speaking to physicians. This introduction to the world of pharmaceuticals has given a broader understanding of medicine, disease states, and patient advocacy. The varied experiences that my nursing career has offered me have been tremendous. I have grown as an individual and enjoyed each journey along the way.

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