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Wendy M.

Tucson, AZ

Personal Information

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I was not one of the little girls who dreamed of growing up to become a nurse. Those dreams, as well as my college career, came later in life. I was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. I took the disease as a wake-up call to get on with my life, and to decide how I could do for others. Little did I know that I would end up becoming a medical/surgical nurse (and would love it!). In school, I had heard many negatives associated with "floor nursing." I have since come to discover many positives. At the end of each day, I go home tired, but proud to know that I have been able to impact others with care and compassion. Being a med-surg nurse has given me the diversity and knowledge base that I craved as a student. I am able to care for anyone in any situation. The knowledge I acquired really came in handy in August, 2004, when I went on a medical mission trip to Tanzania. I saw such a wide variety of cases there. I saw people who were stricken with disease, malnutrition, and many other maladies. I even cared for a pregnant woman. I never felt inadequate or ill-prepared, because I was used to caring for a variety of people with a variety of illnesses. I love nursing and know that this is what I was meant to do. I feel blessed to care for others and to be a part of the rapidly advancing field of medicine.

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