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Support World Cancer Day

January 2013

On February 4, 2013, organizations, healthcare professionals and individuals around the world will join together to support World Cancer Day, a global health observance designed to help raise awareness of cancer and encourage prevention, detection and treatment of the disease.

Communities across the world will hold film screenings, seminars, public information campaigns and other events to raise awareness and educate people on how to fight cancer through screening and early detection, healthy eating and physical activity, by quitting smoking and urging public officials to make cancer issues a priority.

World Cancer Day cannot be celebrated without recognizing the invaluable work of nurses who devote their lives to searching for cures and caring for the sick. Thank you to all the nurses who play an important role in guiding patients through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

With World Cancer Day quickly approaching, there are many ways that you can help support this cause. To learn more, visit

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