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Get to Know Steve, APRN, MSN, in the Campaign’s New “A Day in the Life” Video

April 2014

Meet Steve, APRN, MSN, a family nurse practitioner, outdoorsmen, farmer and father in Big Sandy, Mont. Steve’s nursing career has given him a greater appreciation for his life, and he enjoys the close relationships he has developed with his patients.

"The best part about being a nurse practitioner in a rural community is the fact that I know the people around me – it is really a unique experience to get to know people as well as I do,” said Steve. “I appreciate the good days more because I do know what people are going through. I've become much better at giving a shoulder, giving a hand and listening.”

To watch Steve’s new “A Day in the Life” video, press the “Play” button below, visit the Discover Nursing YouTube Channel or watch it on the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Facebook Page.


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