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62nd Annual NSNA Convention Recap

April 2014

The Campaign was honored to be a part of the 62nd Annual National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Convention, which took place April 9-13 in Nashville, Tenn. We would like to acknowledge the nearly 3,400 nursing students who attended the conference, and extend a big thank you to all who stopped by our “iDream: Create Your Future” room! 

“The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future iDream room was definitely one of my favorite aspects of the Convention. This room allowed for communication between individuals and really engaged student nurses to ask questions and get involved in their own future,” said Kelsey Van Sickler, a senior at Shenandoah University Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing in Winchester, Virg. “Not only was the room constantly full of students taking the specialty quiz, getting their headshots and listening to speakers, it was also occupied with individuals who took an active interest in my career and future goals. The iDream room allowed me to take a break from the constant stress of being a student nurse and gave me the opportunity to get lost in my own thoughts about my future career as a nurse.”

On Thursday and Friday, nursing students stopped by to hear our scheduled learning series speakers talk about various career-focused topics including personal branding, job search strategies and long-term career development to help create a successful future in nursing. Throughout the three-day conference, many visited our nurse specialty/career development station where they  picked up career development tips and learned insights about résumés and interviews, as well as our “dress for success” station, where they chatted with a wardrobe consultant about what to wear to an interview.

There was also a professional photographer at the Head Shot Studio – students were able to immediately take away a complimentary new head shot on a USB drive for easy uploading to their networking page profiles! The Campaign also took volunteers to be interviewed for an “iDream” video about students’ dreams for the future and the future of nursing. We are currently packaging those interviews as a post-event video that will be shared by the Campaign and NSNA in the near future.

For more information about the NSNA 62nd Annual Convention, visit And be sure to check out our photos from the event on the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Facebook Page and on Twitter @JNJNursingNotes.

The National Conference of Neonatal Nursing – Attend Live or Via Live Webcast!

Caring for complex critically-ill neonatal patients can be both rewarding and challenging. While treatment strategies evolve, technology advances and research progresses, it remains the goal of the patient care team to ensure and facilitate the best possible patient outcomes. 

The 32nd Annual National Conference of Neonatal Nursing will take place April 30-May 3 in Las Vegas. This conference brings together neonatal nurses from across the country to engage in conversations about the clinical challenges they face, and to be surrounded by the enthusiasm of fellow clinicians.

Attendees will learn about and practice networking skills with colleagues, and have the opportunity to explore topics including non-invasive ventilation, neurodevelopmental outcomes, early detection of sepsis, ethics and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity.

For more information about the National Conference of Neonatal Nursing or to register, visit Can’t make it to Las Vegas? Be sure to register for the live Webcast!


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