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Get to Know Stephane Pady, RNC, MSN, in the Campaign's New “A Day in the Life” Video

March 2014

Originally a business major, Stephane Pady, RNC, MSN, fell in love with nursing while in college, and now works as a pediatric nurse in a small unit in Connecticut where she cares for young patients.

“What I love about pediatric nursing is the kids. Kids are just so resilient. And even though you’re doing all these things that might hurt, just giving them a little bit of comfort and giving them your time can make such a big difference,” said Stephane. “You have that one moment where they look at you and they give you a smile – and it’s like everything is okay. That feels really special.”

To watch Stephane’s new “A Day in the Life” video, press the “Play” button below or visit the Discover Nursing YouTube Channel

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