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New Crowd-Funding Site Helps Nurses Enhance the Experience of Young Patients

March 2014

The Monday Life, a non-profit organization working to enhance patient environments for hospitalized children, recently launched Healing Campaigns, a new crowd-funding website designed to help fundraise money for nurses hoping to enhance the experience of young patients across the U.S.

The concept is simple: nurses who work with hospitalized children can submit their ideas for hospital projects, which anyone can then help fund. Current campaigns range from simple improvements, such as purchasing teddy bears and art supplies, to creating mentorship programs or restoring a playground.

By streamlining the process into an online fundraising campaign, The Monday Life aims to eliminate the need for grant proposals and bring real change, driven by nurses, to hospitals quickly and efficiently – so quickly that the first campaign, an initiative to bring a movie night to children at Duke Hospital in Durham, N.C., was funded in less than 24 hours.

“We thought a movie night would be a great idea for our patients, but we didn’t have a movie projector or screen, so we submitted our idea to Healing Campaigns,” said Marliana Lara, RN, at Duke University Hospital. “I was incredibly shocked and touched that everyone wanted to donate so much to this organization – and so quickly! I honestly thought it would take more than a week to happen. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who donated and showed their support.”

To submit or fund a campaign idea, visit the Healing Campaign’s website at

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