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Support for Nurses During National Nurses Week and Beyond

May 24, 2016
Support for Nurses During National Nurses Week and Beyond

To celebrate National Nurses Week 2016, the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future focused on highlighting the impact that nurses have on their communities, as well as supporting the future of nursing through student nurse scholarships. Today and every day, the Campaign continues to support nurses through its many initiatives and thank them for all they do to help and heal.

The "Nurse Effect"

During National Nurses Week, the Campaign launched a new initiative called “The Nurse Effect.” This program showcases the positive ripple effect nurses have on individuals’ lives by sharing real stories and videos from patients across the U.S. In the weeks leading up to National Nurses Week, patients shared stories with the Campaign about times they have been positively impacted and influenced by a nurse. The Campaign also received messages from people who are spouses, siblings or children of nurses, and have been inspired by their loved one’s ongoing commitment to nursing. Learn more about this initiative and read the inspiring stories received from patients nationwide in the article, "Celebrating the Nurse Effect." You can also watch our new series of “Nurse Effect” videos on the Campaign's YouTube channel. 

Supporting the Future of Nursing: Throughout National Nurses Week (May 6 - May 12), the Campaign shared a series of images on our Facebook Page and Twitter feed thanking nurses for the important role they play in healthcare. For every “like,” share, comment, reply, or retweet these images received, the Campaign donated $1 to nursing scholarships for the Foundation of National Student Nurses’ Association. By the end of National Nurses Week, the Campaign donated nearly $19,000 toward nursing scholarships through the initiative. Thank you to everyone who engaged with the Campaign's social media images to support student nurses!

Donate A Photo

It’s not too late to help student nurses succeed in nursing school. Now through July 1, Johnson & Johnson is donating $1 to the Foundation of National Student Nurses’ Association nursing scholarships via the Donate a Photo app. Download the app today and start uploading pictures to the nursing scholarship cause.

This year, actress Kristen Bell visited nurses at the Los Angeles' Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in support of National Nurses Week. Bell, whose mother has been a registered nurse for 39 years, partnered with Johnson & Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future to celebrate the vital role that nurses play in healthcare. To show her support, Bell took a selfie with the nurses at the L.A. hospital and posted it on the Donate a Photo app. Read the full story here.

Dolphins for Nurses

The Campaign also sponsors the annual “Dolphins for Nurses” initiative from Nurses House, Inc. to raise funds for nurses in need. This year’s 5th annual campaign raised more than $25,000 in donations.

Nursing in the News

Have you seen the Campaign’s  “Nurses Heal” commercials on TV? The three “Nurses Heal” television commercials feature real nurses and share the many roles nurses play in the care of their patients. The ads were aired on both network and cable during National Nurses Week and will be aired through the end of June, so look out for them during your favorite shows. 

Additionally, be sure to visit’s new “APNs Transforming Care" content series sponsored by the Campaign which highlights the ways in which advanced practice nurses are transforming healthcare. While on the site, you can also check out this article within the series by Andrea Higham, director of The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future.

Promise of Nursing Galas

National Nurses Week is not the only opportunity to celebrate nurses! On May 19, the Campaign hosted the Promise of Nursing Gala in Phoenix, Ariz. Held several times per year regionally across the U.S., the Promise of Nursing Gala events celebrate the nursing profession and help raise funds to support both nursing students and nursing programs. Attendees at the Promise of Nursing for Arizona Gala raised $150,000 to support the Foundation of National Student Nurses’ Association funding grants and scholarships for ‪‎student nurses. See pictures from the event here. The next Promise of Nursing event will be held in Philadelphia, Penn., on June 23, 2016. For more information or how to be involved, email

Keep updated on the conversation post-National Nurses Week by following the Campaign on Facebook  and Twitter, as well as using the hashtags #NursesHeal and #NurseEffect on social media. 

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