Nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. Every day, their creativity, innovation, and healing touch change patients’ lives—and the world. Johnson & Johnson is proud to advocate for this dynamic profession.
Dylan's oxygen level was critically low
Nurse Elizabeth is the reason Dylan is here today.
Nurses like pediatric cardiology specialist Elizabeth Mikula work tirelessly to make new tools available to everyone, protecting the most vulnerable.
nurse innovators
Nursing Notes
Nancy Hanrahan, a dean of healthcare innovation at Northeastern University, prepares nurses to be thought leaders in healthcare, business, and technology.
Kayla was born with her organs outside her body
Nurse Roxana created a new dressing technique that made surgery more successful.
Nurse Roxana created a new technique that reduces significant risks for infants with Omphalocele like Kayla waiting for surgery
All About Nursing
Everything you need to know about becoming, being and thriving as a nurse.