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Featured Resources

  • Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul

    101 stories to celebrate, honor and inspire the nursing profession.

  • The Daisy Awards for Extraordinary Nursing

    Established by the DAISY Foundation (Diseases Attacking the Immune System), this national award recognizes excellence in nursing across the U.S.

  • Happy Nurse™ game

    Customize your own nurse avatar and steer it through hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more, avoiding obstacles in your path—in a race against the clock.

  • The Nursing Gang

    Meet this caring group of characters and let them teach you all about nursing with trivia, cartoons, games, videos and more.

  • Your Future in Nursing

    A simulated environment for student nurses to prepare for their first job.

Online Resources

  • Nursing: The Basics

    Get the fundamentals for starting, or advancing, your nursing career.

  • Education, Training & books

    Find out all about nursing schools, continuing education, specialty certification, and more.

  • Financial Assistance

    Apply for scholarships, work study, tuition reimbursement, grants, and more.

  • Professional Organizations & Certification

    Find national nursing organizations, get info on conferences, events, and certification.

  • Jobs and Salary

    Find out about nursing job opportunities, salaries, and benefits.

  • Nursing Specialties

    Find articles, organizations and other info related to all the different nursing specialties.

  • Minorities in Nursing

    Find career resources, educational information, and organizations for minorities interested in nursing.

  • Men in Nursing

    Find organizations, scholarships, articles, and more, all about men in the nursing profession.

  • Nurses with Disabilities

    See organizations, articles, books and more, dedicated to nurses with disabilities.

  • Nursing Students

    Find organizations, sites, and tools for those studying to become a nurse.

  • International Nurses

    Get info, from global organizations and sites, on how to work as a nurse in the U.S.

  • Inactive Nurses

    Find refresher courses, financial assistance, and other resources to help you get back into nursing.

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