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GotChosen $1000 Every Month Scholarship

GotChosen    |    National

GotChosen is offering a recurring monthly scholarship to help college students. The scholarship is not awarded based on academic achievement or financial need. Instead, a new winner is selected every month by a random drawing. Open to all fields of study, the US $1,000 must be used for educational expenses, this includes: tuition, fees, books, supplies, equipment required for study, or towards repayment of outstanding student loans. Virtually anyone 18 years old or older is eligible to participate.

Scholarship Details

  • Deadline 1º

    31st January 2015
  • Deadline 2º

    28th February 2015
  • Deadline 3º

    31st March 2015
  • Deadline 4º

    30th April 2015
  • Deadline 5º

    31st May 2015
  • Deadline 6º

    30th June 2015
  • Deadline 7º

    31st July 2015
  • Deadline 8º

    31st August 2015
  • Deadline 9º

    30th September 2015
  • Deadline 10º

    31st October 2015
  • Deadline 11º

    30th November 2015
  • Deadline 12º

    31st December 2015
  • Deadline Type


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