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Healthline Stronger Scholarship Program    |    National

Healthline, the consumer health information web resource, has launched a scholarship program for college students pursuing a graduate degree. Each year, the scholarship will revolve around a specific theme based on one of the company's "health condition communities" on Facebook. 2017's theme was Type 2 Diabetes. Applicants had to be in some way connected to type 2 diabetes and want to use their advanced degree to help make the world a stronger, healthier place, whether as an advocate, resource, or part of the healthcare industry itself. There will be two scholarship winners will have an opportunity to submit their plans (within 12 months of the award date) describing how they will impact Type 2 Diabetes. The plans may contain video, article, survey results, photo gallery — whatever best depicts how each individual’s work is having a positive impact.

Scholarship Details

  • Amount

  • Deadline 1º

    15th June 2018
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  • Ethnicity

    No ethnicity specification
  • Gender

    No gender requirement

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