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Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania

Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania    |    Pennsylvania

Nightingale Awards of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit foundation sponsoring a scholarship program dedicated to supporting Pennsylvania residents. They must be pursuing a program of basic (diploma, associate, BSN, LPN) or advanced (master’s, doctoral) nursing education in an educational institution located in Pennsylvania and intend to practice in the state. Students who are enrolled in an RN/BS nursing program because they have already completed a diploma or associate nursing program are not eligible to apply. Scholarships are awarded to students who enter professional nursing programs, practical nursing programs, and advanced degree programs. Recipients are chosen by a committee of nurses and consumers from all parts of the Commonwealth. The awards are based on merit, involvement in community service, and leadership potential, and are awarded in the spring of the academic year, to be expended in that same semester.

Scholarship Details

  • Deadline 1º

    1st April 2018
  • Deadline Type



  • Ethnicity

    No ethnicity specification
  • Gender

    No gender requirement
  • Resides in

    PA state

Contact Information

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