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Southern Illinois Healthcare Scholarship Program for Healthcare Careers

Southern Illinois Healthcare    |    Illinois

The Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) Scholarship Program is a multiphase program that marries college scholarship money with work opportunities for students majoring in certain healthcare disciplines. For each academic year a student accepts money under the SIH program, he or she will be obligated to sign a contract agreeing to work for SIH, after graduating. Students who leave school or choose to work elsewhere will simply repay the scholarship as a loan. SIH Scholarship Program designated healthcare careers are: registered health information technician, LPN,, medical lab technician, radiologic technologist, RN, respiratory therapist, and surgical technologist.

Scholarship Details

  • Amount



  • Resides in

    IL state
  • Additional Restrictions

    Applicants must be Southern Illinois high school students wanting to attend

Contact Information

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