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Bayonne Medical Center School of Nursing


Program Details

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  • No Waiting List

  • Offers Online Program


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Scholarships that match this program
  • Health Resources and Services Administration’s NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program

    • Sponsor: U.S. Public Health Service--Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health
    • Location: National
    • Award amount: $60,000
    • Deadline: March 31

    see more details
  • NAM Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence Program

    • Sponsor: American Academy of Nursing
    • Location: National
    • Award amount: $50,000
    • Deadline: June 30

    see more details
  • AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability

    • Sponsor: American Association on Health and Disability
    • Location: National
    • Award amount: Under $1,000

    see more details

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